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Lenovo mobile Service Center Chennai, Authorized Lenovo Service Centre Chennai, Lenovo Smart Phone Service Center Chennai, Android Phones

List Of Lenovo Mobile Services centre Chennai

Lenovo Authorized Service Centre In Chennai

Lenovo Mobile Phone Service Center In Anna Salai, Chennai

Hcl – Chennai,

Hcl Touch,

Ground Floor,

Habeeb Towers,

No.196(Old No.756),

Vasan Avenue,

Anna Salai,

Chennai – 600002

Contact Phone Numbers : 044-43405896

Lenovo Mobile Phone Service Center In Adyar, Chennai

Lenovo Mobile Service Center

Ariel Electronics Pvt Ltd

C/O Hcl Care, 23, ( Old No.10),

Fourth Main Road,

Gandhi Nagar,


Chennai – 600 020

Contact Phone Numbers :

Incoming search terms:


  1. I have lenovo mobile s820. My mob is a charging jack proble. Right now I am in chennai . my contect no is 08939253708.plz call me and u give me any lenovo mobile service center address and contct no plz . thank u .

  2. hai sir my lenovo smartphone ws display broked now wat can i do

  3. I have lenovo mobile A536. My mob is a not connect to net. Right now I am in chennai plz call me and u give me any lenovo mobile service center address and contct no plz . thank u .

  4. lenova a680 display password not open, it should be under warranty, purchase 16th October 2014.


    Am recently bought LENOVO A860E MOBILE from EBAY. After am purchasing the mobile am facing lot of problems. So kindly request to all don’t buy LENOVO MOBILE from ebay.

    They are cheating

  6. HCl touch is very worst performance not satisfied

  7. sir my lenovo s850 smartphone display broken wat can I do how many charges for repairing

  8. I recently buy lenovo mobile the midel no. a6000.while I m using the the battey back up does not come up to 2 to 3 hours after put 100% charge.

    Can someone give me solution for that,


  10. Gowthama Chandran

    I have lenovo S920 smartphone with me.
    I’m trying to upgrade the android version by its downloading the firmware but not updating the firmware. some error occurs while updating(ota file update failed.)
    how can i upgrade.

  11. Hi.. Phone module lenovo vibe x2.. Middle part of phone touch not working..

    MMuruga Doss

  12. We Purses the Lenovo A6000 Mobile Kindly Advice…

  13. hello sir.my lenovo smartphoneS660 was no sim network coverage & head phone jack probleam. i need help. pls send service centre address and phone no (chennai )

  14. hi sir i want lenovo a850 motherboard

  15. My Lenovo is speaker problem.now i am in Trichy, please give me Trichy service center address or Chennai address with contact number.

  16. Sir I want a269 battery model bl214

  17. My s820 display is broken hw much to Chang it

  18. Dear sir,my lenovoA6000 mobile doesn’t make sound while I play music and getting incoming call.so please guide me to rectify the problem.also I bought this mobile through online mode and have computer generated invoice bill. Is it enough for service?. Reply me

  19. i have lenovo s820 my touch is get damage i need only touch for it

  20. Sir We Purses the Lenovo a7000Mobile Kindly Advice & give me lenovo service center address in chennai


  21. I bought lenovo A6000 Mobile before five days it has the display problem from the first day itself. Very worst mobile that i bought in my life. I give 100 Stars in minus to lenovo.

  22. Anunoday kumar

    sir my lenovo A6000 smartphone display broken wat can I do how many charges for repairing. It’s one month Old phone.

  23. I purchased Lenovo a7000 from flipkart. after 20days my mobile is heating while charging. they rejected my request. please help me. My mobile speed also getting slow.

  24. S. C handrasekar

    I recently bought a lenova handset, for the similar complaints , I have given the handset for three times at HCL Touch at annasalai, still not rectified. Please , think several times before you purchase lenova mobile. Worth to be in the dustbin.

  25. sir my lenovo s850 mobile droped in water

  26. My lenovo mobile a6000 display broken… My I know the rate

  27. P K Venkatachalam

    I recently bought a LENOVO trio fliocot . it was working very well all of a sudden. I think i did some mistske it is talking i ma not able to do whatsup or chekr mail what should i do to make it normal

  28. hi

    i have bought lenovo fake from china through aliexpress do not buy aliexpress now i have problem no sim card what can do

  29. I am not able to reach the service centre numbers. Ringing but no one is picking up the call. kindly provide me the alternative numbers. I tried both Anna salai & Adyar. Within 4 months my Lenovo A 6000 mobile battery charge getting drained very fast.

  30. Please provide me the alternative numbers of service centres immediately.

  31. Lenovo a6000 plus mobile problem temperatures

  32. Hi sir im having lenovo s660 and im having a problem ..my simcard is not dected………. im in chennai plz help me ..plz give address of lenovo service centre …..

  33. hi im useing lenova a7000 which i bgought 3 months back head phone are not good and mobile is get slow where can i get serviced

  34. my lenova S850 touch is not working.And give me lenovo mob service center shop address in chennai.

  35. sir my lenovo vibe x2 mobile camera not work pls give address of lenovo mobile service center

  36. I have a Lenovo A6000 mobile, now I want a battery for my mobile. Am in chennai so please kindly send the lenovo service centre address to me

  37. I recently buy a lenovo 6000 plus I have a lot of problem s. camera is so poor mobile is heating please help
    me give a phone number

  38. Please give me Lenovo mobile service center address near tambaram, Chennai.

  39. dear sir i have purchased lenovo a526 i have a problem with my phone charging pin but there is no proper sevice centers & response so please dont buy this kind of mibiles

  40. Sir I have purchase lenovoa7000splus battery is week sir 2 hour is standing another down so service center near tambaram address pls sir

  41. I bought lenevo k3 note last45 days before only.
    Last 4 days before my mobile display changed mist whity while am working internet..
    I never felt any other brand..
    Lenevo worst brand…

  42. Hi,

    Please give the Lenovo Authorised service centre-Chennai address and contact number .

  43. My Lenovo mobile S820 model is not getting charged. not sure whether its a battery problem or software problem.

  44. i am through flipkart buy lenova a 6000 plus mobile after 3 months moherboard burn in mobile charging time.so i am go lenova service center in chennai adyar aerial teachnogies.he service engineer told not cover in warrenty motherboard issues.so u pay 4500 rupees after service your mobile.i am bur 7500 rupees mobile.but mother board rs is 4500.i am send a mail in business ghosh sir .but not response.now my mobile scraped.Hello friends please don’t buy lenova product.

  45. hello sir/madam.
    I am inbaraj from tamilnadu(Chennai). I recently buyied lenovo k3 note just before two months , but now it has touch screen and speaker is not working. I can’t able to use it. please respond to my mail.(9566076694).

  46. Vikas kumar Jayant

    Never purchased lenovo mobile from anywhere specially snapdeal….

  47. Vikas kumar Jayant

    Lenovo is worst company in mobiles…..

  48. I have lenovo K3 note for last 5 months. now the OTG not supported. i want to know service centre near madipakkam

  49. Hi, i have bought new lenovo a6000 plus now phone charger and heat problem started.please give me the lenovo service centre near tambaram and contact number.

  50. Hi,
    I plan to purchase Lenovo A6000 Plus mobile from Filpcart online shopping with 1 year warranty.If any problems in that mobile in future means whether you provide a support to me.

    Thanks in advance……………

  51. Hi
    I am vimal I used lenovo note k3 in this phone on time battery not charging and display problem pls any one sent service center in Chennai

  52. boson india is a waste company Dear sir i have purchased lenovo A6010 i have a problem with my phone Suddenly no boot i have hand over the service centre in boson india adyar centre but there is no proper sevice centers & response so please tell perfect authorised service centre



    I bought Lenovo A6000 for five months back only and now its display is not working…Please give the Lenovo Authorized service Centre in Chennai address and contact number…

  54. thamaraiselvang

    my new lenovo k3note mobile mic problem , we need Chennai authorized service center .

  55. I have lenovo a369i and I have display and touch problem in it.

  56. A7000 purchased last june touch is not sensitive in the edges.

  57. I have Lenovo A6000 plus, problem – Storage space running out: Not enough storage for the system, Make sure you have 250MB of free space and restart. Even I have 10gb free space, what can I do… not able to open play store, not receive msg, no missed call list, no gmail access… please suggest some info…

  58. Hai Im vimal my phone is overheating I’m residing at aminjikarai where is service centre

  59. my lenova mobile k4 note touch not working i was given to your autherised service centre chennai (BOSON INDIA PVT LTD ADYAR CHENNAI 600020) from 20 days they have not rectify the problem , every time they have telling touch board not available at lenova company sir when available please inform me, your K4 lenova not satisfied

  60. sir
    Left side middle touch is not working.

  61. DHINA

    hai iam dhina i use lenovo vibe. july 30th next day full charging battery drying. i will purchace in with in on the day. heating. bateerry onday charging next 2hrs drying plese note

  62. hi sir,

    my lenovo mobile not showing sim tower plz help by calling me

  63. I bought a lenovo vibe k5 plus from flipkart now the sim slot is not working not showing signal for any network so need authorised lenovo service center in chennai pls provide me the authorised service center of lenovo address

  64. Hi frnds…. In my mobile lenova k4 note lot of hanging problem and it did not show the usb option to connect computer what can i do….

  65. Sir my mobile lenovo vibe p1 overa hang aaguthu enna panrathu sollunga

  66. I bought a lenovo vibe k5 note from flipkart now the touch not working so need authorised lenovo service center in chennai pls provide me the authorised service center of lenovo address


  68. Sir my lenova smart phone , recently purchased not showing tower for any SIM card. What can I do .help me to rectify the problem

  69. Iam purchasing online on lenovo tab only three month both problems on my mobile

  70. I bought Lenovo Vibe K5 mobile from amazon.in its just three months only but has lot of problems …totally lenovo mobiles are very worst quality,,,,, Dont Buy this product …..Also lenovo service centre peoples are not responding our calls ….I findout service centre last two days but nobody response ….totally waste lenovo .. this is last time to buy lenovo products.

    Any lenovo service centre available …pls let me know
    This is my Contact no : +91-8523930841

  71. Hi Sir,

    Is it possible to recover data, after factory restore ?

    Please advice me to get tha data

  72. I bought Lenovo a 6000 plus 2 years back.
    Already I replaced it’s battery before 6-7 months through Flipkart purchase.
    Now again same total draining problem I am facing a lot.
    Now like to buy company original battery through an authorized service center by online COD basis.
    Pls reply it’s possible ?
    Where to purchase ? Need full mailing address and phone No. Any Link to buy online original Lenovo battery.
    If you sell mobiles through online stores like Flipkart
    Why not arrange to sell it’s original accessories through them. Many duplicate Products sellers flock in there and spoil your Company Name.
    Pls redress this problem.

  73. I am having lenovo phab plus model.PB1-770M .Camera glass got scratched and the photos taken are not clear.It is foggy.How and where can it be rectified.I am prepared even to come Chennai for this purpose if you give me your correct address and contact number.My contact number 9487743726 and living in Palani,Dindigul District.

  74. I have a lenovo k4 note phone having charging problem, kindly guide me for further action..

  75. Sir , send me the contacts details of lenovo mobile warranty service centers in chennai

  76. Recently I bought lenovo k6 power, that mobile mic problem. i went to HCl service center in mount road, very worst service, not pick the call any time, not correctly saying for mobile delivered date.

  77. I brought Lenova K6 Power last month. the thing is while using net and downloading anything its getting very hot. could you pls help in this regards.

  78. Hi Team,

    I lost my Lenovo K3 note, any possibilities to track using the IME number ?

  79. I bought a lenovo vibe k5 NOTE from flipkart now the sim slot is not working not showing signal for any network so need authorised lenovo service center in chennai pls provide me the authorised service center of lenovo address

  80. Vengatachalam S - 9677005530

    I had purchased one Lenovo mobile 05 month before. Loudspeaker is not working now in mobile.

  81. I am using lenovo vibe k5 plus .some time charger problem so help you .. hence send service centre details to my mailing ID .. thank you

  82. hi friends if your are in Chennai don’t perches lenovo mobile because only one authorized service center in Chennai(HCL) that also not working properly my lenovo k5 note have touch problem i have warranty but no use no authorized service center available

  83. I purchase my lenovo k6 power in cochin luluhyper mart .so now iam in chennai I bought my moblie on month of May this year no if anyone call me if I pick my call no voice coming but if I put in loudspeaker I can hear.so I have warranty period .so iam in chennai they can take my service in chennai service center so kindly reply to my mail

  84. Hi, Sir i am Ashish Tiwari i have lenovo vibe k5 not it is having charging problem .

    while charging it is showing same percentage of battery. so please kindly help me.

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