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How to apply for Ration Card

How to apply for new Ration Card/ Family card

With the help of Ration Card you can prove your nationality anywhere of India. It also provides you the right to purchase goods and materials from Govt. recognized rationing shop.

If you do not have a Ration Card and wish to get it as soon as possible then below mentioned are the guidelines for How to apply for new Ration Card steps below :

  1. collect a new Ration Card Application form
  2. you can easily access it from any branch offices of Food and Civil Supplies department
  3. fill up it properly
  4. select your state where you presently resides

You must keep all the documents stated below with you at the time of submitting your application form :

  1. Voter Card
  2. Court fee stamp of values Rs. 2
  3. Residential proof

You can submit following document as your residential proof any one Given Below :

  1. Latest tax payment bill
  2. Original copies of rent agreement
  3. Gas bill
  4. Electricity bill
  5. Bank passbook
  6. Telephone dill
  7. Letter received by you in your home by post

Along with all the documents you should go to the jurisdictional range office to submit it.

If you are a ration card holder but you wish to transfer it in a new area or other place then you have to add some additional documents along with all :

  1. Surrender certificate of previous Ration Card
  2. Deletion certificate (if you move to a new place after your marriage)
  3. If you complete all the above mentioned formalities properly then you can easily get a new Ration Card on the day of submission.

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