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How to apply for Duplicate Ration Card

How to apply for Duplicate Ration Card

Application for a new ration card follows a few sequential procedures and a person who needs to apply for a duplicate ration card needs to do the following Steps :

  1. First locate the office of (DFSC) District Food and Supplies Controller or (IFS) Inspector of Food and supplies or (AFSO) Assistant Food and Supplies Officer under whose jurisdiction the person is currently residing.
  2. The procedures to be followed are mentioned and guidelines are given from the responsible personnel.

The procedures are as follows for apply for Duplicate Ration Card :

  1. Collect form D-I, Dully fill up it.
  2. Get it verified by the current Fair Price Shop.
  3. It is very important that the Fair Price Shop (FPS) indicates the last ration withdrawal.
  4. The number of units of ration with drawn on the top of the application form. This is mandatory for duplicate ration card apply .
  5. Once this step is completed, the form is to be submitted to the office from where it was collected.
  6. While submitting the application form, it is necessary that recent passport size photographs are submitted along with the form. Photograph for all the family members is required.
  7. Once the above mentioned steps are religiously followed, a slip is given to the applicant.
  8. The slip mentions the date on which the applicant can collect the duplicate ration card. The card will be issued from the same office from where the application form was collected.
  9. Issuing the new ration card normally takes 2 weeks.
  10. There is a minimum fee that needs to be given while collecting the duplicate ration card.

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