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Free Bus Pass For Tamil Nadu Open University Community College Students, Chennai

The Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU) was started during previous rule period of Ms. Jayalalithaa in 2002. The TNOU is useful to male and female youth students to continue their interrupted studies. The Community College of Tamil Nadu Open University promotes job oriented, work related, skill – based and life coping education.So far the following types of Community Colleges have been established by Tamil Nadu Open University.

  1. Urban Community College
  2. Rural Community College
  3. TribalCommunity College
  4. Community College for Women
  5. Community College for Prisoners
  6. Community College for HIV infected.

Free Bus Pass in Chennai TNOU Students

Using innovative technology both print media and multimedia approach for the  Job Oriented  Vocational Education Programmes such as House-Electrician, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technician, Four Wheeler Mechanism, Health Assistant, Early Childhood Care and Education, Garment Making, Apparel and Fashion Design, Beautician, DTP-Operator, Plumbing Technician, Multimedia, Animation, Hardware Serving, Catering Assistant etc  are offered for immediate employment to the learners.

Well-developed practical manual, computer assisted teaching methods, in plant practical training, Interactive Radio Counselling and Industrial Partner for hands on training and immediate employment are provided to the learners to improve their skills and placement. Community Colleges are the main service providers for these Programmes and they have collaboration with relevant industries for providing practical training and placement.

As per the official announcement from Tamilnadu Government, free bus passes will be issued to full time studying students of TNOU, community college. Ms. Jayalalithaa also sanctioned Rs.1.68 crore to issue free bus pass to approximately 6,000 students.

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